Thornbridge Special
  • Thornbridge Special

    12 beers in total,  2 bottles of 6 different Hand Selected Craft Beers

    Socialise in our members exclusive virtual pubs - there's one for each brewery and few extra just to meet people and share a love of beer together 

    Individual Talks/Tastings For Your Specific Beer Box

    Festival Beer Glass

    Full Weekend Online Festival Access

    Live Music, Guided Tasting and Talks, Brewery Tours

    Rewatch on Demand For 6 Months

    Beer Schedule and Event Line Up


    Package Contains:

    2x Cow Valley Glasses

    12 Beers including:

    2x Jaipur

    2x Coco Wonderland

    2x Carry Us

    2x AM-PM

    2x Lukas

    2x Marker Porter


    The Beers...


    JAIPUR - THORNBRIDGE (330ml - 5.9%)

    With over 100 worldwide awards, this American style IPA has a complexity of flavours created by a six-dimensional hop experience. Jaipur's hoppiness builds in the mouth and bursts with powerful citrus fruit flavours, culminating in a remarkably smooth finish and making it a deliciously drinkable IPA.



    Cocoa Wonderland is a full bodied, robust porter with natural mocha malt flavours from the complex malt grist, complementing the decadent additions of real chocolate to the maturation process.


    CARRY US ALL - THORNBRIDGE (330ml - 2.5%)

    Carry us all has been brewed as part of our ‘Year of Beer’ range for 2020. It is a light and hoppy table beer overflowing with flavours of peach, tangerine and lychee.


    AM:PM - THORNBRIDGE (330ml - 4.5%)

    AM:PM is a session IPA, allowing you to enjoy all the flavours and body of an IPA at a lower ABV.
    Bags of tropical fruit aromas, pineapple, tangerine, guava and passion fruit are balanced with a chewy, honeyed malt character. This is a gluten free beer.


    LUKAS - THORNBRIDGE (330ml - 4.2%)

    Lukas is straw blonde, full-bodied and yet sparklingly light. This Helles exudes a subtle, freshly baked bread maltiness balanced with an elegant noble hop aroma. The finish is clean, crisp and satisfying.


    MARKET PORTER - THORNBRIDGE (330ml - 4.5%)

    Named after The Market Cat - Thornbridge & Co venue in York - Market Porter is a smooth, robust and creamy porter with a hint of coffee to finish.

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